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The secrets To Buying Minerals

Own Your Own Passive
Income Producing Property

Minerals Buying Simplified

We provide minerals with excellent value to individual buyers for their own direct private ownership and portfolio. Individuals can purchase these minerals in a similar manner to other real assets.

Our team of experts and landmen work tirelessly to source quality mineral deed assets that we make available to our customers.

We work to give you, the mineral buyer, the absolute best value we can. We are in business for the long term but we are able to react quickly to market changes and utilize our expedited purchasing process to close on minerals transactions quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to buy minerals without owning the surface land?

One of the many great aspects of purchasing minerals is that you are not required to own the above-ground land.

How do I find mineral rights to purchase?

Working with a company like ours here at Mineral Royalties Group is one method of procuring mineral deeds. You may also ask your advisors or attorney. Alternatively, you can do research online to find a resource to assist you in making this type of purchase.

Can I sell my minerals if I decide to?

When you purchase mineral rights, you’ll acquire a deed. These deeds are very similar to the ones you get when purchasing any other type of real asset. You may buy and sell your mineral deeds as your preference requires.

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About Us

Based in Dallas Texas, Mineral Royalties Group, LLC was founded to create opportunities for individuals to purchase mineral rights. Our industry contacts, experience and data driven approach allow us to acquire a broad range of mineral assets.

We generate organic deal flow and plan for the long term with all whom we do business.

Our team’s experience includes mineral properties, drilling wells, land title work, oil and gas investment banking and financing, analysis of pipeline right-of-way, negotiating gas sales, developing water flood projects, investing in commercial salt water disposal wells, and running large companies. Members of our team have been responsible for acquiring over ½ billion in oil and gas assets. We have experience in Exploration projects in the Barnett Shale, New York, North Dakota, Montana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Louisiana, West Virginia and Texas. Our folks have diversified training and advanced graduate degrees.

Discover what you need to know about buying minerals

What’s inside? Our Step-by-step blueprint to buying Minerals. (You really don’t want to miss this one…)

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Buying Minerals

Informational Video

This video gives a brief overview as to why individuals choose minerals as an investment vehicle. Contact us today to learn more about our unique offerings.


Mineral Royalties Group companies and its employees are NOT:

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