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Meet Doug Hardwick

With two decades of unwavering dedication to the oil and gas industry, Mr. Douglas Hardwick stands as a seasoned veteran in this dynamic field. His extensive expertise spans a diverse spectrum of activities within the realm of oil and gas, illuminating his comprehensive grasp of the industry’s intricate workings.

Doug’s illustrious journey has seen him deeply entrenched in various facets of the oil and gas sector. From the meticulous art of drilling and completing wells to the strategic intricacies of pipeline rights-of-way, his involvement has been both broad and profound. His prowess extends to pivotal areas such as gas sales, water flood projects, and the establishment of commercial salt water disposal wells – a testament to his multifaceted understanding of the field.

A luminary in Exploration and Production projects, Doug’s influence has resonated across prominent territories including the Barnett Shale, New York, North Dakota, Montana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and his cherished home state of Texas. His intuitive insights and deft decision-making have consistently driven success across a multitude of projects.

Doug’s remarkable journey is further highlighted by his unparalleled mastery in Oil & Gas asset management, mineral property consulting, sales, and marketing. A consummate professional, he has adeptly navigated the intricacies of mineral rights, exploration, pipelines, production, and related services, forging impactful strategies that have propelled growth and prosperity.

Doug Hardwick of Mineral Royalties Group - Oil and Gas Mineral Rights Expert

An advocate for his clients, Doug’s expertise extends to facilitating energy asset acquisitions. He deftly guides clients through a myriad of options, ranging from the nuanced complexities of 1031 Exchange to the strategic utilization of Self-Directed IRAs, ensuring each venture is meticulously aligned with individual aspirations and goals.

Above all, Doug holds an unwavering belief in the profound value of ethical business practices rooted in unwavering integrity. His commitment to fostering relationships built on honesty and transparency underscores his deep-seated dedication to the highest standards of professionalism.

In the ever-evolving landscape of the oil and gas industry, Doug Hardwick’s legacy shines as a beacon of unwavering expertise, ethical leadership, and a steadfast commitment to propelling both his clients and the industry toward a future of sustainable growth and success.

In his spare time, Doug remains deeply engaged in his community, dedicating his efforts to volunteer work at the local high school, church, and various organizations. Beyond his professional pursuits, Doug takes immense pride in his role as a single father, successfully nurturing his daughter Brydie into a talented photographer from a young age. Together, Doug and Brydie embark on adventurous road trips across the United States, exploring the rich tapestry of our nation’s offerings. When not traversing the open road with his daughter, Doug indulges his love for travel by embarking on motorcycle journeys with friends.