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Earn PASSIVE Oil & Gas

We provide institutional-quality Oil and Gas Mineral Rights Properties to individual investors

Mineral Property Owners are paid their share of the Royalty Income directly from the Oil Company with significant oil reserves that need more wells to extract it all.

Keys to Mineral Property Ownership

Key #1 – Ownership

Your money is invested in an asset that is recorded at the County Courthouse. This is very similar to Real Estate because you get a DeedYou can keep your property or sell it. It is up to you.

Mineral Deed Example

Key #2 – Income

Because you own the property the oil company must pay you a Royalty Income. This income is a percentage of the oil and natural gas produced from your property. The day you take ownership of the property is the day you start earning this Royalty Income.

Oil and Gas Royalty Income Check - Financial Benefits


Mineral Property Owners are paid their share of the Royalty Income directly from the Oil Company with significant oil reserves that need more wells to extract it all!

Key #3 – Location

There are millions of dollars of oil and gas in the ground. We know this because these billion-dollar companies are investing millions and millions of dollars to get it out.

Your Royalty Income could go on for 50 to 100+ years.

Strategic Oil and Gas Royalty Stack Play for Profit

Example Property


Exploring Oil and Gas Royalties in Oklahoma's Energy Landscape

Property Description

Oil and gas mineral rights for sale

We are excited to own and offer you a Mineral Property in Canadian County, Oklahoma which is in the heart of the STACK play of the Anadarko Basin.

This property is part of a Billion-Dollar Oil Company’s Lease that encompasses an enormous 1,280 Gross Mineral Acres, or 2 square miles. The property has two (2) wells that are producing and generating a monthly income. The day you take ownership is the day you begin earning a Royalty Income.

Three (3) more wells are anticipated soon.

All Acres Are Paid 
Their Fair Share

Section 22 is 1 square mile which is equal to 640 acres. Each acre in this section is paid its fair share of all the oil and gas extracted and sold in this Section 22. For instance; if 640 barrels of oil are extracted and sold then each acre is paid on 1 barrel of oil. All acres are paid on the same amount.

These maps are for illustration
purposes only.

Oil & Gas Pay Zone Example

Illustrating an Oil and Gas Pay Zone: Real-Life Example

Risk Factors

What are some risks in Mineral Property?

  • Paying too much for Minerals.
  • A decline in oil and gas prices.
  • Oil and Gas do not get extracted from your property.
  • Oil and Gas do not get extracted in a timely and efficient manner.

How are these risks mitigated?

  • Total amount of oil and gas in the ground should be more than the price paid for the property.
  • The property has at least 1 producing well with more wells anticipated.
  • The property is currently generating income.
  • Only buy property where a large oil and gas company has been vetted and is doing all the work.

Due Diligence

Acquiring Mineral Properties has typically not gone outside the Oil & Gas industry and has often been limited to families that have inherited the property, large companies, Wall Street funds, and the extremely rich. Below are examples and links to billion-dollar public companies’ websites so you can see what they say about Mineral Property and Royalty Income.

Viper Energy

(See page 20 of the presentation)

Black Stone Minerals

(See page 4 of the presentation)

Sitio Royalties

(See pages 14-16 of the presentation)

Funds to Purchase Mineral Properties

The purchase of Mineral Properties can be done with cash, of course, or with funds from a Self-Directed IRA or 1031 Exchange. Minerals can be considered like-kind property. Also, per the IRS Code, 15% of your income can be tax-free. 

Exploring Funding Options with Mineral Royalties